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Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake & Motown The Musical - The Marlowe Theatre

A large part of my work at The Marlowe is to make existing artwork for an incoming production in to The Marlowe brand. For this large window vinyl, for example, I recreated the Swan Lake production typography into The Marlowe branded font so that the production company was happy to sign the design off. I did the same with the Motown The Musical artwork below also.

When designing window vinyls to this scale, you also have to think about the bigger picture and how it will look at scale, and make sure you know where the cuts are when it is printed and installed.

Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 22.01.42.png
Dada Masilo's Giselle_4 drop.jpg

Dance Consortium's Pepperland and Dada Masilo's Giselle - The Marlowe Theatre

Pepperland was a really fun window vinyl to design, this is because of the bright and bold colours in the productions' imagery that I was able to play with to make it stand out on a window. It's important to get the correct sized assets and preferably layered artwork when creating vinyls so that the artwork doesn't appear blurry once it has been blown up to size. So another part of my job was to talk to producers to get these assets. The designs are also signed off by the producers so that they are happy.

I love the simplicity of the Dada Masilo's Giselle vinyl, and with the contrasting colours I think it really makes it stand out to emphasise the movement on a large design.

Smaller window vinyls, like below, are also really fun to design. I particularly like Northern Ballet's Dracula because of the drama of the imagery. I made the text go behind the main image so that it stands out more and hopefully grabs more attention. Similar to Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake, Matthew Bourne's Romeo And Juliet also had its own branding, so I adapted it to fit the brand of The Marlowe but kept their design so that both of us were happy.

For The Marlowe Comedy Festival, the overall branding and assets were designed by an external illustrator. I took these assets to create the external marketing for it, displayed in a small window vinyl below.

Screenshot 2020-07-28 at 13.25.29.png
The Marlowe Comedy Festival_Corner Windo

Little Miss Sunshine van vinyl - The Marlowe Theatre

As part of the marketing campaign for the production of Little Miss Sunshine, a yellow VW van was purchased to advertise the show in front of the theatre. After measuring the different panels that we wanted to cover with vinyl, I created some mockups on Photoshop so we could see where assets will go and get the design signed off by the producers once we're happy internally. I then created the panel sizes on Illustrator and got them ready for print.


Cinderella Pantomime van - The Marlowe Theatre

The pantomime van is a large marketing asset for The Marlowe Theatre pantomime every year, and a really fun vinyl to design and make print ready. This is all created on Illustrator. The most time-consuming part of this is to clean the photos of the actors, so that there are no blemishes printed once the design is enlarged. I love seeing artwork that you spend so much time looking at as a final finished item.


Blackout Gaming

This was designed for a friendly gaming community in September 2016. The client wanted something that was simple and that would transfer well on clothing designs for events. After giving multiple designs from some discussions we had, we decided on plain text to transfer well with the branding.

Ektuhi Hotel

This was a brief given to me while I was at university, asking for logo artwork for a hotel that wanted to bring people together. I therefore thought circles were the best option, and combined the dark purple and bright blue together. The website would also have different aspects, and different branding colours was needed for that, displayed below.

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